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Industry Bimetallic Screw Injection Molding Machine Screw Oem Service


Industry Bimetallic Screw Injection Molding Machine Screw Oem Service

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Brand Name : OEM

Place of Origin : China

MOQ : 1 pc

Payment Terms : T/T, Western Union, Paypal

Supply Ability : 100pcs per day

Delivery Time : 15~25 days

Packaging Details : Wooden Carton

Product Name : Bimetallic Screw for Rubber Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Key Words : Rubber Plastic Injection Molding Machine Bimetallic Screw

Compatible : for Rubber Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Material : 38CrMoAlA

Screw Design : Own design

Applicaiton : PVC PP PE ABS

Chrome coated layer : D8mm ~ D350mm

Surface treatment : Bimetallic

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Bimetallic Screw for Rubber Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Models: 20 to 220mm in diameter

Detailed Description:

Screw Diameter: φ20~φ220
100KN-35,000KN Clamping Force, 30-30,000g Injection Volume
(Screw structure and compression ratio can be designed according to different products and parts. )

Advanced Nitriding Technology
Anti-corrosion and Wear-resisting Duplex Metal Spraying Technology
Quality Powder Metallurgy Materials
Hard Metal Cold/Thermal Spraying Technology

Base Materials: 1)38CrMoAlA(SACM 645)
2)42CrMo(AISI 4140)
Bimetallic Alloy Materials: 1)Fe-based alloy
2)Ni-based alloy
3)Co-based alloy
4)Tungsten carbide
Processing Technology: Heat treatment
High-frequency quenching
Nitriding treatment
Hard-chrome electroplating
Bimetallic alloy welding
Technical Parameter: Nitrided layer depth:0.50-0.80mm
Nitrided hardness: 900-1100HV
Nitrided brittleness: Less than 2 level
Surface roughness: Ra 0.4
Linearity of screw: 0.015mm/m
Hard-chrome plating hardness after nitriding: ≥950HV
Chrome-plating layer depth: 0.025~0.10mm
Bimetallic layer depth: 2 mm
Bimetallic hardness: HRC50-65

Commercial use: full alloy screw /K1 double alloy pipe is suitable for all kinds of special engineering plastic molding.

Nitriding treatment
Electroplated hard-chrome finish
Spray coating Bimetallic-alloy

Technical data
Depth of nitration layer: 0.50 -0.80mm

Hardness of nitration: 900-1000HV
Fragility of nitration:Less than grade 1
Roughness of the surface:Ra0.4
Linearity of the screw: 0.015mm
The surface hard chromium plating hardness after
Nitrogenation: ≥ 950Hv
Chrome-plating layer thickness: 0.025 -0.085mm

Production flow

Material cutting→peeling→hardening and tempering→rough turning→qualitative→semi fine turning→qualitative→nature stabilizing grinding→grinding→nitrogenization→lapping finish→CNC thread lathing→polishing till realize end product

Range of product
inner diameter12~300mm
Effective length
Thickness of nitrided layer
Hardness of nitrided layer
more than 900hv
Chrome coated layer

Specification Parameter

Amount of injection


screw diameter x length(mm) barrel diameter x length(mm) Amount of injection(g) screw diameter x length(mm) barrel diameter x length(mm)
30-90 Φ30x900 Φ85x860 800-1250 Φ75x1825 Φ170x1725
60-125 Φ35x910 Φ85x860 1000-1500 Φ80x2000 Φ180x1805
100-150 Φ38x935 Φ95x900 1250-2000 Φ85x2300 Φ190x1900
125-160 Φ40x980 Φ95x910 2000-3000 Φ90x2700 Φ210x2000
125-300 Φ42x1030 Φ105x8880 2500-5000 Φ100x2600 Φ230x2405
250-400 Φ45x1210 Φ115x1165 3000-6000 Φ110x2600 Φ256x2590
300-500 Φ50x1300 Φ125x1260 4000-10000 Φ120x2800 Φ256x2800
450-600 Φ55x1335 Φ130x1320 6000-8000 Φ130x3010 Φ256x2970
500-700 Φ56x1350 Φ130x1350 8000-10000 Φ145x3010 Φ256x3200
500-700 Φ60x1380 Φ140x1350 10000-15000 Φ160x3500 Φ270x3200
650-800 Φ65x1415 Φ150x1420 13000-25000 Φ170x3415 Φ317x3380
700-1000 Φ70x1790 Φ160x1685

Model L/D output capacity(kg/h) screw rotation speed(rpm) driving motor(kw) center heigh(mm)
ZS20 20:1 3-5 10-60 1.1/1.5/2.2 1000-1400
ZS 25:1 5-8 10-60 2.2/3.0/4.0 1000-1400
ZS 25:1 5-10 10-60 2.2/3.0/4.0 1000-1400
ZS 25-36:1 10-120 10-150 5.5-22 1000-1400
ZS 25-36:1 60-300 20-150 22-75 1000
ZS 25-36:1 200-450 20-150 30-132 1000
ZS 25-36:1 180-600 20-110 30-185 1000-1100
ZS 25-36:1 320-1000 20-90 75-280 1000-1250


Q: What information should be provided when inquiry price of screw and barrel?

  1. Conical / parallel twin screw barrel
    1. Extruder brand
    2. Model.
      eg. Jwell 65/132, LSE80/156, KMD114/36, BEX90/22 etc.
  2. Injection machine screw barrel
    1. Injection machine model
    2. Screw diameter
    3. Type A, B or C
  3. Single extruder screw barrel
    1. Plastic products
    2. Screw diameter & L/D

Q: What information need provided when confirm production drawing?

  1. gearbox nameplate, if machine made in China, only supply gearbox nameplate, that we can confirm the production drawing.
  2. If not from China, it is best to supply
    • connection flanges size (gearbox and mold)
    • thermocouple holes location, qty & size
    • screw shaft size
    • barrel outside sketch

Q: Delivery time?

Around 15-35 days according to your products


1. Be brushed anti-corrosive oil on screw barrel.
2. Packed with film.
3. Packed in the wooden carton.

Look forward to your inquiry on our Bimetallic Screw for Rubber Plastic Injection Molding Machine.

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